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Shengqing recently successfully participated in the Chinacoat 2023 exhibition


Shengqing recently successfully participated in the Chinacoat 2023 exhibition in Shanghai, showcasing our latest coating raw materials and solutions.

As one of the leading coatings industry exhibitions in Asia, Chinacoat attracts top suppliers, R&D personnel and production personnel from all over the world to provide the latest raw materials, technologies and solutions for coatings companies in Asia and around the world.

At the show, we met with personal care customers and presented a range of quality products, including our latest surfactant, SQ-APG0810. It is a mild non-ionic surfactant, 100% plant derived, based on fatty alcohols and glucose, which is environmentally friendly and easily biodegradable. Mild non-ionic surfactant, when used with other surfactants, has a good mild, foaming, cleaning and other synergistic effects. It has good compatibility with other ingredients and is widely used in rinsing products.

Our professional team has conducted in-depth exchanges with customers from all over the world, sharing our latest research results and trends in the coatings industry. We thank all the visitors for their support and attention and will continue to work hard to develop better coating raw materials and solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

Shengqing will continue to be committed to providing customers with the best quality and most reliable products and services, while constantly innovating and progressing. We look forward to meeting you again at future exhibitions to discuss how to better promote the development of the coatings industry.

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