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Shengqing Successfully Participated In in-Cosmetics Asia


Shengqing successfully participated In in-Cosmetics Asia on November 7-9, 2023 at BITEC International Convention and Exhibition Center in Bangkok, Thailand, the core city of Southeast Asia.

As one of the leading raw materials and ingredients exhibitions In Asia, IN-Cosmetics Asia attracts top suppliers, R&D and production staff from all over the world to provide the latest raw materials, technologies and solutions for Cosmetics companies in Asia and around the world.

At this exhibition, we are showcasing a range of quality products, including our latest humectant, SQ-GLUCO P20. This moisturizer is a highly effective, low toxic, low irritant ingredient, widely used in a variety of cosmetics, such as skin care products, shampoos, body washes, oral care products, etc. In addition, we also displayed other quality products, including essential oils, sunscreen and antibacterial agents.

Our professional team has engaged in in-depth communication with customers from all over the world, sharing our latest research results and trends in the cosmetics industry. We thank all our visitors for their support and attention, and will continue to work hard to develop better cosmetic ingredients and ingredients that meet the needs of consumers.

Shengqing will, as always, be committed to providing customers with the best quality and most reliable products and services, while constantly innovating and progressing. We look forward to meeting you again at future exhibitions to discuss how to better promote the development of the cosmetics industry.

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