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Elevate Hair Care with SQ-QUAT 400 in Your Shampoo


Enhance your hair care routine with the cutting-edge ingredient, SQ-QUAT 400, also known as Polyquaternium-10. This innovative conditioning agent is a must-have for crystal-clear shampoo formulations, ensuring your product remains visually pure while delivering exceptional benefits.

SQ-QUAT 400 stands out by providing a superior conditioning effect that leaves hair smooth, detangled, and less prone to frizz. Its targeted action binds to the hair fibers, reducing static and promoting easier manageability without extra weight.

Invest in a shampoo empowered by SQ-QUAT 400 to transform your hair care experience. Its unparalleled ability to maintain transparency in shampoos makes it the perfect choice for those who prefer products that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are effective. With SQ-QUAT 400, step into a world where premium hair conditioning meets clean, minimalist beauty.

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