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Shengqing Chemical Raw Materials Company Introduces New Product: SQ-Floorwax 30


Shengqing Chemical Raw Materials Company is delighted to announce the launch of our latest product: SQ-Floorwax 30. This water-based, metal-bound styrene-acrylic copolymer floor wax is formulated with essential ingredients including polyethylene and non-slip wax to create an exceptional film.

Utilizing cutting-edge polymer technology, SQ-Floorwax 30 offers a wider application window, ensuring excellent film formation even under demanding conditions. It boasts remarkable durability and impressive gloss retention. By diluting SQ-Floorwax 30 to a 20% solid content, it becomes suitable for various applications, making the production of top-grade floor wax effortless.

The distinguishing features of SQ-Floorwax 30 make it an exceptional choice for those seeking high-quality floor wax. It is user-friendly, provides a stunning high-gloss "wet look," requires minimal maintenance, and exhibits outstanding wear resistance and durability. Furthermore, it eliminates any dragging effect, possesses exceptional stain resistance, good alcohol resistance, and strikes a fine balance between detergent resistance and ease of removal.

SQ-Floorwax 30 can be used to manufacture top-quality floor polishes, providing professionals with a reliable and easy-to-produce product. We firmly believe that this innovative offering will set a new industry standard for floor wax, and we take pride in presenting it to our esteemed customers.

At Shengqing, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality, sustainable, and industry-standard raw materials. We eagerly anticipate building long-term partnerships with our clients and continuing to deliver the finest products and services available.

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