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In-cosmetics Asia will be held from November 7th-9th, 2023 at the BITEC International


In-cosmetics Asia will be held from November 7th-9th, 2023 at the BITEC International Convention and Exhibition Center In Bangkok, Thailand, the heart of Southeast Asia. The exhibition is one of the most influential cosmetic and personal care raw materials exhibitions in Asia, covering raw materials or ingredients such as personal care products, such as hair care, shampoo, facial cleansing, skin care, sun protection, oral care, bath products, makeup, essential oils and other raw materials, laboratory and product development, testing institutions and packaging products. The exhibition brings together the industry's most innovative raw material suppliers and finished product manufacturers, providing an opportunity for industry insiders from Asia and beyond to learn, network and discover innovative beauty products together.

In this exhibition, our product SQ-Degreaser 90 will be shown on the booth,which an exceptional heavy oil detergent, offering a solvent-free formula, versatility, and ease of use for efficient grease removal.With its cutting-edge formulation, SQ-Degreaser 90 can effectively tackle any kind of grease. From stubborn oil stains to heavy industrial grime, this detergent surpasses expectations, leaving surfaces clean and grease-free.It is also safety and environmental responsibility. It contains no solvents or dangerous cargo, making it a reliable and eco-friendly choice for various cleaning applications.

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